A new look for April

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I wanted some way to keep this site looking fresh with a way that wasn't too time consuming. In the end I settled with having an updatable header image as this also incorporated my photography (and would at least enforce me to go and take at least one specific picture each month for the header!).

This is month is the brilliant Bristol balloon fiesta just floating up over the horizon, it was taken from my flat window. A view which I'm quite proud of. Though you can't quite fully see it on the inner pages, so do checkout the home page.


If you didn't see the site last month, here's what was previously there. An old cobbled Bristolian street.


Each month I'm going to be updating the site with a new image, so keep your eyes peeled!


  • Luke Jones wrote on

    Love this. Viva Bristol!

  • Dale wrote on

    Nice touch, a good way to keep things interesting for returning visitors :)

  • Jamie wrote on

    Amazing picture dude! Looking forward to more visual updates :)

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