WordPress from scratch : Part 2

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Welcome to part two of my 'WordPress from scratch' series! Since last time I have come up with a design for the blog and coded it up into XHTML and CSS. Before moving onto part two I recommend that you come up with your own design and code it up too. Though if you want to follow on exactly as I'm doing, you can download my XHTML and CSS.

Please note that I did mention in the video you could download the PSD, but due to misuse it is unavailable.

This second part covers taking the XHTML, CSS and images into a WordPress theme and getting WordPress to recognise this. Stay tuned for part 3 where we'll get into the really juicy stuff!

Series contents

WordPress from scratch : Part 1
WordPress from scratch : Part 2
WordPress from scratch : Part 3
WordPress from scratch : Part 4

Make sure to view the video in full screen mode, you'll get a nice shiny 1280x800 view. Also, remeber to turn HD on as it is available!

Having problems viewing the video? Watch it on Vimeo or try refreshing your browser.

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  • Liam Goodacre wrote on

    Nice second part to the series :) x

  • Nouveller wrote on

    Part 3 will come a lot sooner! This week infact.

  • Wanted wrote on

    Really nice tutorial, now i start to understand how to create and apply a wordpress theme, keep on going, we are looking forward to the third part! :)

    (Could you send me your psd, i would like to practice this one)

  • Ross wrote on

    I wish I’d read this a week ago when I was building my first theme.

    Its a painful process for a php-hedge wizard but this is exactly what us fledglings need!

    Looking forward to picking up some tips in part 3!

  • phil wrote on

    i carn’t wait for Part3 – good job!

  • ahmed wrote on

    could you send me the psd file

  • Joseph wrote on

    I’m Having a little trouble with my sidebar as it is not displaying the titles right all of the shows as socially applicable instead of
    (Socially Applicable)
    (Tweets – Follow me)

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  • Bob Murphy wrote on

    Really good series.

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