Create a vivid underwater ‘light bubbles’ effect using Photoshop

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In this screencast I'll be showing you how to create this vivid underwater 'light bubbles' effect using Photoshop. This will include blending colours using hue and saturation and creating a custom brush.

I really like this as not one outcome is the same because we're using a very random brush and your own imagination for the colours and shapes.

Make sure to view the video in full screen mode, you'll get a nice shiny 1280x800 view. Also, remeber to turn HD on as it is available!

Having problems viewing the video? Watch it on Vimeo or try refreshing your browser.


  • twe4ked wrote on

    Thats it, im making a background with like this!

  • Liam Goodacre wrote on

    This is awesome ^.^
    I’m well making something like this tomorrow! :D x

    • Nouveller wrote on

      Post the results!

      • Tom wrote on

        Thanks, thats a great tutorial :D I managed to complete this even though it was the first time I’d ever used photoshop. But, When I was putting the bubble things down the brush was not giving a vivid circle like yours was, it was slightly transparent and I checked the settings over and over but couldn’t figure out what I was supposed to do. But it turned out fine

  • Clay Jackson wrote on

    This is great! Thanks for posting.

  • Moe Kaddas wrote on

    Thanks for the great beautiful tutorial. you are one of a kind who have taste creativity on colors and photoshop.


  • lauren b wrote on

    this tutorial is delicious. thanks for the help and I will definitely be using this to spice up my designs.

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  • Dan wrote on

    Excellent tutorial! Only suggestion would be to maybe bring the sound up. I really had to crank my speakers to hear it!

    • Nouveller wrote on

      Ah, sorry about that. I’ve been testing to make sure it’s loud enough. I’ve got another screencast coming soon, so hopefully it will be better.


  • forumrunner wrote on

    This looks like the ”Ballad of Gay Tony” logo. Good job!

  • Blueprint Media Design wrote on

    At first i didn’t know why to credit you, i found the video directly on Vimeo. I changed my article and now you have a direct link to your post.

  • Putt wrote on

    wow it helps me.
    even it makes me a lil bit confused.
    thaaaaanks :)

  • ayako wrote on

    i cant find some features on the site im using..could u tell me exactly which site is this?…pls pls pls pls pls

  • ayako wrote on

    the photoshop i mean

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  • dovydas wrote on

    could you talk any quieter?

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  • Alex wrote on Cheap Champix

  • Andy Eaton wrote on

    Great tutorial really easy to follow. Can we use the final outcome however we like as they are slightly different to yours like create headers and sell them.

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