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White to Black cathedralChurch spiresA random manThe squareA man working on his ironAn arty fence shotJenny hiding under her hoodThe fairy queen, look at the DOPMore statues!An ace shot up to the train stationThe proper castleA nice snowy churchStain glass, gothicnessAnother shot of the church, my favourite I thinkHe got yaRob in an awesome hatThe Mission Impossible bridgeMore gothicnessAnother shot of the bridgeWow! Door!I actually use this shot in a old website I mocked up for college, look at the green!I love the architecture here


  • Josh wrote on

    Some nice shots – but I think some of them have too much of a standard B&W filter look to them :S

    • Benjamin Reid wrote on

      I noticed this comment a bit too late! They were actually taken with a B&W film, old school. No digital jibber jabber going on here.

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