Forest Droplets

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Mini daffodils or a giant Droplet?Mini daffodils or a giant Droplet?He's happy to be sat on the fenceActually I don't think he likes the fence postPerched in a mossy treePerched in a mossy treeHiding in the ivyHiding in the ivyHiding in the ivyIt's a long way down Droplet!Angry Droplet looking down a fence postDroplets stuck on some river reedsVimto trying to look innocentVimto hiding in a tree trunkHe esacped!Refresher hiding in a trunkHe's not happy about itRefresher taking shelter in the leavesRhubarb and Custard taking shelterRefresher taking cover from the sunHe's happy to have helped the fellingA big tree for a DropletThe family taking a restAll 5 of 'em sitting down on some giant chairsGet me down from here Droplet!Godzilla!I like ivy!Hiding in the dark rootsIs that Droplet poo?Depth of field DropletI'm not happy!RestingSeeking some warmthTwo Droplets getting in the logSitting on a tireInside a drum can, MGS styleOn top of a canHind and seek!Found you!He's fallen in the water!Campino is stuckRhubarb is taking a bathOn top of the train bridgeDroplets on the railsTrain!Careful on those rails Droplet!It's a bit muckyThis is my cliff!An awesome lightSitting by the watersideSun's going down


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