A bit of water colour, a barrel full of talent from Emma Webs’ & you get the novel Alluro

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A while back, a very good friend of mine (@EmmaWebsdale) was in the process of putting her first novel together named Alluro (which she's now drawing towards finishing up!). I just couldn't resist offering to conjure up a website together for her to help promote the book. I knew it would give me the chance to be more free with my design than other websites I'd worked on previously, so we got to work!

Emma had already built up quite a following for Alluro on her deviantART pages and had artists from all over the world producing pieces of artwork for the book, from characters to full on illustrated scenes! This beautiful piece of artwork below was produced for a scene in Alluro, it clearly shows that Emma knows how to get her imagination onto the page and back up into the readers' head.


So to tie in with some of the amazing pieces of artwork we thought about doing a water coloured background for the website to rest on and hoped that it would all flow together. I remember heading down to our local art shop to buy a load of water colours and then back home to make a mess with them!


After scanning it in, I had a play around in Photoshop and knocked the rest of the design together. We collected together all the pieces of artwork created for the book to make a swish looking gallery and packed WordPress in behind it all to boot it with content.

Anyway, please go and check out the Alluro website, more importantly though, please download the first chapter which you can do from the website and leave some comments on the website about what you think of the first chapter!

I feel honoured to even have the opportunity to put a website together for Emma's wonderful writing skillz (excuse the gangster term, she would understand), so I just want to say a massive thank-you to her! Please check here out on Twitter (@EmmaWebsdale), deviantART and the Facebook page for Alluro.

Until next time!


  • Emma wrote on

    I hope this is commenting on the correct post :P

    Thank you so much for featuring me and Alluro on the website :D
    Its great to see such support from you, you have been incredibly well at grasping the concept for Alluro and getting everything spot on.

    You are a very talented young man Benjamin and its been such a pleasure knowing know :D

  • Emma wrote on

    whoops a couple of spelling errors in that comment, :P
    it tis very early hours of the morning so I do apologise!


  • Blake wrote on

    I just want to say that for one, Benjamin, I love your web-design style. It’s slick, nifty, lightweight, and overall very clean. I love your font choices and your eye for design, so that’s just a big 1 up your way. ;)

    As for the Alluro site, while watercolor taunted me as a child, I love the site’s background with it! It really ties it all together nicely. I’m not much of a big fantasy reader, but I can guarantee that you will persuade a lot more people to read her book with a stylish website like that. Can’t wait to see more great tutorials! Keep it up. (:

    • Nouveller wrote on

      Thanks very much for the kind words! :)

      • Blake wrote on

        Anytime. :)

  • webdevelopergeeks wrote on

    you have great imagination and skills to convert it. Don’t ever loose it. Great Work. Keep Going!!

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