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Over the past few weeks it's been a bit quiet around here and the main reason for this is that I've been working on some super-secret projects with @callumchapman. Our latest project, DesignGiveaways, launched just today, in the past few minutes actually and it's exciting stuff!

It went from concept, to design, to a rough HTML layout in a matter of days and we have been working it into what it is now over the past few weeks. I've built in a slick custom WordPress CMS so we can easily add giveaways and keep you all updated with the latest goings on. It's using some of the latest CSS3 techniques as well so expect some super quick load times, allowing you get your hands on the goodies much faster!

The site is dedicated to giving away design related prizes/products, nothing more, nothing less. So if you're after some top notch design related prizes and you want them for free, then I suggested you head over to DesignGiveaways now to be one of the first people to nab some free stuff. You won't have to be delving through other kinds of content to find the good stuff, it will just be there, all laid out for you.

Just remember, the more giveaways you enter, the larger our prize fund is going to get. Who knows what you might end up winning!?

Let me know what you think to our new site and keep an eye out for more projects that are in the pipeline. Visit the DesignGiveaways site ~ Subscribe to it's RSS feed ~ Follow @designgiveaways on Twitter


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