My first Droplet photo session

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Finally a day where the sun had come out to treat us, this chance I couldn't miss! I headed out to Alwalton armed with my Droplets for their first photo session, I'd been waiting to do this since seeing the potential for taking some snaps with 'em since viewing Gavin's gallery of vinyl. As soon as I started shooting I realised how good these things are to take pictures of. They look so un-natural compared to their surroundings but somehow they still fit in beautifully.

Get me down from here Droplet!

I was wandering through the woods just looking for little places for them to hide in, at first I thought it would be quite difficult but since the photos are best so close in, most locations look great with all the tiny details. A lot of interesting shots came from hiding them in rotting tree's or hiding in the undergrowth, one thing to note is you need some blue tac! Some shots were definitely missed out on because they were just a little to fat or wouldn't balance enough.

Hind and seek!

Hiding in the ivy

A few passers by gave some weird looks but I think that was to be expected, hehe. Below is a few more of my favourites. IĀ totaledĀ about 120 pictures in about 3 hours and have chosen a select 51 for your viewing pleasure, you can check them out in the photos section of the site.

View the gallery of the Forest Droplets

On top of the train bridge

Mini daffodils or a giant Droplet?

Vimto hiding in a tree trunk


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